About Us

Our History

20 years of experience

I have been a cleaner and house keeper for over 20 years, working tierlesly and with discretion to ensure that my customers homes are clean.

I started Bruna Unico Cleaning during Covid as I saw a greater need that people had with maintaining their homes, especially since due to quarantine being at home is a must. If you are looking for an experienced cleaner then do not hestitate, reach out and get in contact to learn more!

I offer a range of cleaning services, such as one off appointments, reoccuring appoints, regular cleans and deep clean services such as an end of tenancy. Whatever your need I am here for you!

Why choose us?

We are the cleaner choice. What we use to clean our space makes it into our bodies. We have worked with a range of clients, ensuring their homes are spectacular, and we have also worked with high end clients ensuring confidentiality and privacy. We also offer products with certified organic ingredients, which reduces chemicals on surfaces and in your air, keeping your family safe and healthy (this is at an extra price and needs to be arranged before the appointment).

What cleaning products do you use?

We use the clients cleaning products that are available on site, unless we have been otherwise instructed to bring in our own cleaning products. We also offer organic cleaning products. This is something that will need to be arranged before the appointment and there is an extra charge if we bring our own cleaning supplies.

What about pets?

Pets are a part of the family, and so we clean up after them as well! During service we recommend that you do keep your pet somewhere they will be comfortable — not all of our furry friends like the sound of vacuums or unfamiliar people in their space. Let us know how you’d like to handle your pet ahead of time to keep them safe and happy.